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TROOPER, The bobcat Who Came In From The Wild.

Trooper 3-4 months old

                  Trooper 3-4 months

Great News! Trooper, The Cat Who Came In From The Wild has been contracted with SkyHorse Publishing of New York! I will post more information as it comes available.

Long ago while hiking in the desert at the edge of Las Vegas, Nevada, I found a wounded cat, apparently the victim of a coyote attack. He was alive, but, his wounds were serious so we rushed him to a veterinarian hospital.”I have a neighbors cat,” I said to the doctor. “Can you save him? I’ll try to find his owner later.””The doctor laughed and replied, “He doesn’t belong to your neighbor. This poor kitten is not a domestic cat. What you have here is a baby bobcat! And, yes. I can save him.”

The kitten survived and I elected to raise him as a member of our family. I named him “TROOPER” and he proved himself more than once to be a strong survivor. The story has humerus episodes including Troopers frustration while trying to educate a mischievous, playful Tabby cat he adopts. We named that kitten, “Brother” and learned that his family was killed by coyotes. Brother and Trooper set off on a grand adventure, meeting a variety of desert animals as they explore their territory.

Cats, like humans, have feelings and fears; fears of hunger, of being harmed, or growing old with no one to care for them. Trooper had only one fear, coyotes, the predator who also killed his family and almost killed him. One day he is forced to face his fear directly as he must battle a coyote in a fierce struggle to save a friend.