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Skyhorse Publishing completed their editorial review!

Ronnie, my editor at Skyhorse Publishing completed her first editorial review of my new book "Trooper, the Cat Who Came In From the Wild" last month.  She reports that the final editing will be done before October. I am very pleased with her suggestions, they were intelligent and creative and resulted in me adding an additional 4,000 words to the story. This addition contains more information about wild animals trying to survive in our harsh desert landscape.
I am especially happy with the fact that the story remains intact as I wrote it, with no deletions from the editor.  Another editor and publisher wanted to delete a paragraph wherein I refer to God and Heaven while answering my grand-daughters question about death. (the editor apparently did not want their readers to see the word God in one of their publications)  That editor also attempted to alter the story climax...the bloody battle between Trooper and his enemy.  Unfortunately, life in the wild or "in the course of human events"  is not always pleasant. Ronnie and the folks at Skyhorse are brave and honest.
Oh!  How does Troopers battle end?  I am told that the book will be released in Feb. or March, 2018.  I'll keep you posted.




Trooper at four months. We had to enlarge the door again!